Cover Choice Hawaii | Island Insurance

Business Insurance: Cover Choice℠

The Island Insurance Cover Choice℠ program provides businesses with a broader, more flexible way to utilize their coverage extensions by applying a single overall coverage limit to each occurrence. This optional coverage enhancement incorporates a $250,000 combined blanket limit of insurance which applies in each occurrence. In the event of a loss, the insured is given the choice of apportioning the $250,000 blanket limit to a single coverage or to a combination of coverages, subject to any applicable sub-limits.

  • Building and Personal Property Coverage Form
  • Business Income Coverage Form (and Extra Expense)
  • Commercial Property Extensions of Coverage
  • Restaurant Extensions of Coverage
  • Causes of Loss – Special Form Including Equipment Breakdown
  • Commercial Property Conditions
  • Hawaii Changes – Domestic Abuse
  • Hawaii Changes – Fraud, Concealment or Misrepresentation

Cover Choice℠ also features coverages such as:

  • Building Ordinance
  • Sewer Back-Up
  • Direct Damage Off-Premises Services

For more information about the Island Insurance Cover Choice℠ program, please contact an independent insurance agent or click here to find an agent on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island or Kauai.